when you combine the octopus with the writer, you get a very tasty drunken putz.

Miss Molotov
24 June
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Miss Molotov is a fresh young meatsack spreading disease and pathogens with her every breath. She enjoys using her spare time to play with kittens, drink like a fish, and cough on doorknobs. Miss Molotov has lived in the South her whole life and knows damn well there's no such place as Bully, NC. Miss Molotov says thank you, offers you a paper towel, and would like to know if you're planning on staying another couple of days or if this'll be it, and if so, cash or debit?

Miss Molotov is a prospective Russian Lit major, badly drawn character in a kooky Socialist sitcom, psychotic drunk. She pronounces psychological like it has an 'i' in it and doesn't give a shit if that bothers you or not. She has a pair of socks with skulls on them, actually maybe a couple of pairs, and she mixes them up with My Little Pony socks on the days she just doesn't care. Miss Molotov is a colorblind bint with a will to live, a superhero and a pathological liar.